Just finished First Prof exam - waiting for result!

Assalamualaikum and hello,

        10 minutes before the last paper ends, there I sat at my table, glancing at the clock while checking back my papers for any mistakes. And I stopped for awhile,

Here I am finishing the exam for which I had been anxious a year ago. I couldn't believe I did go through that. So yeah, examination finished but the result aint coming out yet. Lots lots of voices had been roaring on how they are worried and begging to pass the exam. I just smiled and I did not really and can't respond much. Probably all I can say is, leave up to Him, tawakkal and doa...

        I watched a movie tonight called Love 119, thought you know I can somehow watch something different. But it turns out that this movie is not just a love story about a woman and a firefighter. But the woman is also a doctor. And it made me thinking, 5 years from now, what kind of person I would be?

She did a mistake. She didnt do the investigation thoroughly and eventually the patient had brain dead. And you know in medical field, (from what I heard) though it is very mannerful to say sorry and admit that it was our mistakes, but in medical settings, if a doctor said that, he or she can be sued by the family. 

I thought deeply and
through out this journey, few of my classmates had left already. It is not a battle among ourselves, we dont mind who's more smarter, we just think about how we can pass. But it is a battle within ourself. Whether we can really do it and go until the end.

Even after all that,
Life can take you in unexpected journey, though the journey may be different from others, but if you find the journey beautiful then you can sit back and relax, and enjoy the ride. 

For whatever outcomes tomorrow will come, know that Allah has special plan for us. After all, passing is not the real aim, but to be a good doctor is. 


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