Nak ambil medic tapi tak straight As SPM? Ini kata Dr Aimir Ma'rof!

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Kesinambungan daripada karangan saya mengenai SPM tempoh hari. (you can read here)
Ada yang memberi komen, perkara yang berlaku pada saya itu mustahil pada masa kini. Zaman dan senario sekarang sudah lain. Betul, memang saya setuju. Malah terbaca pula hari ini kenyataan Menteri Kesihatan bahawa kemungkinan tiada penempatan 'housemanship' diberi untuk lepasan universiti yang punya keputusan SPM tidak melepasi kelayakan minimum jurusan perubatan.
Now there goes my career. I should have been fired!

To a certain degree, yes I agree. If you enter bogus medical school through backdoor channel just because you or your parents want you to become a doctor but you have minimum entry qualification, your degree is questionable of course. But what if you work hard like everyone else through proper channel and in the process, who knows maybe you perform much better than your colleagues who previously have better SPM result than you? So to me, that is a kind of a knee jerk solution for a much bigger problem.

The process of 'creating' a doctor should not start after you receive the degree, but should start way back even before you choose to do medicine. I still believe that whether you can be successful as doctor or not is not entirely based on how much A you get in your SPM.

Being a doctor starts from inside your heart first. The head or brain will follow. So that is why I think ALL candidates who want to enter medical school should be interviewed, like a job application process. For example, if the students themselves not 100% interested, but being forced by parents, that should be the first reason to reject the application. I have spoken to some of my friends and you can also ask administration staff in private colleges, who is more excited to become a doctor? The candidates or the parents?

Interview (by a proper conjoined national medical body, not only the college/university) can let you gauge the attitude of the candidates, the passion to serve and most importantly the will to sacrifice and put others before oneself. That is what medical profession is about. And your number of As, or any paper qualification for that matter, cannot guarantee that!

You do that not after the degree is obtained. Not when they start dropping like fly during housemanship. You do this as early as before they even think of joining medical programme. Then maybe you can minimize the issue of demanding 8 hours of working and 6 hours of sleep!

Entah la, ini pendapat saya sahaja. As we all know, opinion is meaningless with no scientific basis and value at all. I know I am wasting my time writing all this. I should have write scientific papers instead.
So let me end with this.
Not all students can become a doctor.
Not all straight A students should become a doctor.
Not all NOT straight A students cannot become a doctor.
Because to repeat myself, I am the living proof of that!

My comment :
Way to go Dr! I hope I can meet a supportive MO like him one day and a good doctor as well, InsyaAllah ;)


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