Few days more to First Prof Exam!

Assalamualaikum and hi guys,

          So, we just received our block 9 results last Friday and Alhamdulillah all of us in the class managed to proceed to First Prof Exam!

Though there are few days left, I felt like my energy is draining. Probably this happens a lot if I am someone who are not used to studying consistently everyday. My spirits are just like those peribahasa Melayu, "hangat-hangat taik ayam." I had to collect back my spirits, remembered back how much I am lacking in knowledge and how much I actually want to pass this!

Even so, 
Yesterday my friend did said, our year 3 students some of them will be repeating. I am telling you that repeating year in medicine is not something to be ashamed of. But it got me thinking, even if we pass this proffesional exam, we just passed one of many hurdles in front. Like there are so many challenges will begin after year 2, especially in clinical years.

Thus, this reminds me that medicine is a continuous journey, continuous learning. Once you stop learning even when you become a doctor, a doctor in you just died. Even after prof exam, dear me, even if it is hard, pick up the book and read. Associate with clinical learning. I know this will be hard for me as even for now, that we are facing prof exam, I still make time *no make time but waste time to watch tv shows in youtube. *sigh*

For year 1 Junior, you might never found this blog, but try to make most of your year 1 holiday. Try to studyla a bit pun okay ahaha. 

Dr Dayang said after prof exam holiday lah, bila lagi nak pergi? Hurm, yeah true but whenever I think about meeting a real patient and like some senior doctor will be asking me questions randomly from anatomy suddenly to pharmacology, I freaked out and made me wanna download medical knowledge into my brain system immediately. 

Sign off for now,
Let's start studying shall we?


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