After week 3 in Medical school!

So, I can't believe it's already 3 weeks now.
The fact that I'm in medical school is also something that I'm still getting used to it.

I still need to find my own pace & the way of study. Lecturers never give us any 5 minutes break in class. The lectures are pretty straight forward (except for comm. class/TITAS/soft skills). There were time, I reflected on myself whether I can bring myself up to year 5. InsyaAllah pray for me. Whenever I felt lazy, I would look at my seniors in my class (repeaters but it's not a suitable word for them), I would remind myself. Hey medic is not your ordinary asasi anymore.

Really, these 2 weeks most of the time I spent myself on bed dozzing off rather than sitting on chair focused. Study and try to understand. Oh! About housemates, most of them are medic students too, one of them is nursing student. They always study and that make me feel motivated as well. Classmates - I still unable to know every single of them. They are from wonderful backgrounds - asasi unimas (major), uitm, um, matrics and also stpm. So, there are not much of age gap between us. And very 1 Malaysia class.

      Whenever I felt lazy, I try to remember how I wanted to be an efficient and compatible doctor, how bad I wanted JPA scholarships because PTPTN offers little money bcs I fall under 3rd category, how I hate / feel troublesome when my dad said he had deposited money into my bank account. 

       Early block are usually where all my money flows out leaving behind my empty wallet. Oh yeah, and we medical & nursing students are required to do screening on hepatitis B. Turn out that I need to get vaccinated with boosters (antibody) and do the next screening. This also required money maaa! 

Studying MD in Unimas uses block systems so most of the time we don't have the priviledge to have long holidays / semester break. It's kinda sad but it tells that I will spend more time in Sarawak. I may not be active in joining sports / organisations / clubs because my timetable are so packed that they even change every single week but I joined only a single islamic organisations because I have commitment issues cewah

Hope to be a more hardworking in my studies and make all these sacrifices (especially my parents') worthwhile. 


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