Finished Year 1 Unimas Medical School

Assalamualaikum & hello

So, Alhamdulillah, just finished year 1. Actually the passing result for year 1 is not out yet, so it's still not confirmed whether I passed year 1 or not. But put that aside, because I never know when will I ever be committed for this blog. I literally, forget the existence of this blog once in a while because I usually focus on my main blog because I have bigger audience there, but because I don't really feel like talking about boring medical stuff so I had to make a new blog for it. 

In Unimas, we use block system.
Block system is like you study one part of the human system and it will include the anatomy, biochemistry, pharmacology (ubat), pathology (penyakit) part. So you learn all the subjects to understand 1 part of the human system for example endocrine system in block 5. Anything about endocrine will be learn in block 5. 

Other universities that I heard, they will finish the whole anatomy in one semester and proceed the next with pharmacology and so on.. So Unimas system is like you try to relate all the subjects into 1 block.

Here's some information regarding block system.

Duration           : 7 to 8 weeks
Credit hour       : 7 or 8 credit hours (that's a lot!)
Total mark for  : 100 (there is 5 blocks = 500 marks)
each block

Total mark to    : minimum 250/500 marks to pass
pass year 1

List of blocks for year 1 :

Block 1 : Foundation block
Some revisions on your biology knowledge and add ons few here and there. Basic knowledge and intro to incoming blocks. For me, I don't really like this block, felt a little boring for me. 

Block 2 : Man in the environment
Microbiology : virus, bacteria, hygiene. I like this block because there were a lot of bacteria involve hence, more lab! But I scored the least in this block even though I studied the hardest. Probably because I didn't found my study tempo yet.. cehh macam muzik lak.  

Block 3 : Blood and immunology
You get to poke each other and draw bloods! That's what I like about this block the most. I miss this block yet block 2 is still my favourite. I love Madam Tay as block coordinator because she is so caring and Prof Henry had thought us a lot in clinical lessons. 

Block 4 : Musculoskeletal & head and neck 
This is where you feel like, "Oh I am a medical student now" because you have to memorise the name of bones, nerves, muscle even to the smallest bones. Don't worry, repetition is the key. Go march to the museum frequently because visuals can help a lot. This block test memory the most, there I said it. 

Block 5 : Endocrine, metabolism and nutrition
Biochemistry will mess your life. More towards understanding and then you will remember it. Don't tell anybody, I actually love biochem especially when I understand them ahaha. 

Here are my found-able pictures of my year 1 in my phone.

Block 3 - mainly on blood
I learnt how to draw blood, IV infusion yada yada

We use dummy hands first then we tried on each other's hand ahaha

They say, when you donate your blood, you can save three life. Why? Because the blood that you donate will be separated into red blood cells, platelet and plasma. And usually there will be 3 different receiver for each separated blood components.

Just some notes I pasted on my wall

Yeah most of the pictures are from block 3. I didn't know why I don't really take photos in other blocks?

As for the lecturers, most lecturers are nice. Some lecturers (I can't mention just to make you feel curious) love to ask questions, love if you'd pay attention in class (yes I'd been caught talking in class ahaha & was punished for it) and so on.. 

Lecture hall and it was outside the faculty but it is just nearby

other interesting things :
- You will have buddy (means, a senior/s that is/are assigned to help you)
- Medical students will get college even if you are never active in college
- Previously, medical course had the highest fee, worry not because architecture is now the most expensive course in Unimas (just to make u feel better)

Okay, I let you guys figure out the rest yourself okay.. ehehe

My fellow classmates for year 1 (2016/2017)
I hope we all passed to year 2, I really do...

We got 2 months of break after year 1 which had never happened before to my senior. I'm guessing that Unimas is trying to standardize to semester system. The 2 months should be the time we will be revising our year 1's material once again to prepare for our first professional exam in Year 2. But what am I doing? omg, endless procrastinating. 

I am grateful to Allah for He had granted to pursue my preferred course because not everyone were given the chance to taste of it. Yep, medic is hard, there's no doubt in it. But if they (the doctors right now) can do it, we can as well. 

Looking forward to the next 4 years. (I really hope it is another 4 years. Let's pray for everyone to graduate on time uhuhu)


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