We all longed to be the best

Assalamualaikum & hello

I know sometimes I would want to start an entry right away without proper salutations, but because I think it is the most appropriate way, so yeah. 

       I found an interesting twitter's thread today that spoke about how we used to be called smart before but now, people didn't bother to call us that anymore. Then, it got me thinking, among my classmates, they must have been the top students in their former school, but now that educational level had changed, and things got harder, naturally you have to work harder in order to make it to the top. 

My view is that, we shouldn't be competing among our classmates anymore. That kind of thinking will just hinder my progress really. What's important is, you be the best not for your friends but for your future patient. You become the better than the old you. Be in term of knowledge as well as attitude. The one that you competing is yourself. I want be a better me. 

To be honest, 
Sometimes, I too wanted to be the best. We all have that competitive instinct in ourselves. But slowly, as I progress in medical school, I think the one that I need to beat is my old self. Lazy, bad attitude, procrastinating self. 

Professional exam is just around the corner. 
I would not be ashamed that if I put in percentage, how much I prepared for PFE, I would say 30% or maybe lower than that. I don't understand why I didn't seem to care to increase the percentage either? 

I think my last paragraph really contradicts the point that I am trying to prove above ahaha. 

I read Dr Amalina's tweets sometimes, and I think, if you really want to be successful, you got to have high discipline in a lot of things. You should be able to cease your cravings to watch movies all the time, or drama or nonsense youtube videos. Being able to control that, and being the best disciplined state of mind can really turn yourself into someone successful.

Having a study partner / friends helped you in the study mood faster.
Now that I am alone in this house, trying to study; 
is hard. 


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